Oily Waters & Oil Recycling

We offer waste oil collection, oil spill collection, oil spill recovery, waste oil removal, waste oil disposal, and general clean up services, to the Lismore, Ballina, Byron, Grafton, Kyogle, Clarence, and Coffs Harbour council areas.

Clarence Valley Septics are specialists in liquid waste disposal, including the removal and processing of oily waters and matters.

In commercial premises, pits capture water from commercial and industrial wash down activities that contain oil and other hydrocarbon-based products, and the pits capture the wastewater before it has a chance to enter the local council sewer system.

For environmental reasons these pits need to be pumped out at regular intervals to prevent contaminants from entering the sewer system where they could cause damage to the environment.

Clarence Valley Septics can undertake these types of pump outs and remove any oily water that may be present and transport it to our oily water processing facility for refinement and industrial oil recycling.

The processing of this type of liquid involves sophisticated dewatering techniques, with the refuse water processed to a quality that it can be reused, and the oil content removed for further processing.

When using Clarence Valley Septics, you have access to:

  • Over 70 years of experience
  • A specialised fleet of collection vehicles
  • Authority reporting
  • Database scheduling
  • Fully trained and experienced staff
  • An environmentally friendly transport and processing solution
  • A quality assured and EPA licensed system

Waste Oil and Refining

Clarence Valley Septics offer the collection of used oils from commercial and industrial workshops. The oil is collected from the client’s site via one of our tankers and filtered during the collection process. It is then transported and treated with further filtration before being refined back to a base oil product.

This process allows the product to go through industrial oil recycling where it can be used again rather than being discarded, which means less consumption of natural resources, and a more sustainable outcome for the community and the environment.

Clarence Valley Septics is a liquid waste company based on the North Coast of New South Wales, and we offer waste oil collection, waste oil removal, waste oil disposal, collection, transportation, and processing of liquid wastes, along with industrial services to domestic, commercial, and industrial properties in the Clarence Valley and Coffs Coast areas.

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