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What Is Chemical Waste?

Chemical waste, often referred to as hazardous or toxic waste, encompasses a wide range of discarded materials that contain harmful or potentially harmful chemical substances. These substances can pose significant risks to human health, the environment, and wildlife if not managed and disposed of properly. Chemical waste is a byproduct of various industrial, commercial, and even household activities, including manufacturing processes, research laboratories, and agricultural practices.

Chemical waste can take many forms, including liquids, solids, gases, or mixtures thereof. It can consist of unused or expired chemicals, contaminated materials, byproducts of chemical reactions, and more. Some common examples of chemical waste include heavy metals like mercury and lead, solvents, pesticides, radioactive materials, and acids or bases.

The dangers associated with chemical waste are multifaceted. They can contaminate soil and water sources, affecting ecosystems and potentially entering the food chain. Exposure to hazardous chemicals can lead to acute and chronic health problems in humans, ranging from skin irritation and respiratory issues to severe conditions such as cancer and organ damage.

Proper management of chemical waste is crucial to mitigate these risks. This involves collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal in accordance with strict regulations and guidelines. Governments and environmental agencies around the world have established laws and protocols to regulate the handling of chemical waste, requiring industries to document and report their waste generation and disposal practices.

We are able to safely collect and dispose of waste chemicals including:

  • Alcohols
  • Thinners
  • Solvents
  • Xylols and Xylenes
  • X Ray fluids
  • and more…

And all of our chemical waste collection and chemical waste disposal services are conducted in a safe, secure, professional, and environmentally friendly manner.

By using Clarence Valley Septics, you have access to:

  • Over 70 years of experience
  • Database scheduling
  • A specialised fleet of collection vehicles
  • Authority reporting
  • Fully trained and experienced staff
  • An environmentally friendly transport and processing solution
  • A quality assured and EPA licensed system.
  • The best local chemical waste disposal

Servicing Lismore, Ballina, Byron, Grafton, Kyogle, Clarence, and Coffs Harbour council areas, Clarence Valley Septics specialise in liquid waste collection, liquid waste processing, the removal and disposal of industrial liquid waste, septic tank cleaning, oil recycling, grease trap waste, waste oil disposal, chemical waste collection, chemical waste recovery, and vacuum excavation in northern NSW.

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