Grease Traps & Arrestors

Clarence Valley Septics is a liquid waste company that offers the collection, transportation, and processing of liquid wastes, along with a variety of industrial services, domestic, commercial, and industrial entities in the Clarence Valley and Coffs Coast areas.

One of the services that we offer is grease trap collection, removal, and grease trap waste disposal.

A grease trap is designed to trap insoluble and difficult to breakdown greases and fats before they enter the sewer system. During grease tap disposal, the trap is serviced through the use of vacuum and a vacuum tanker, and the contents removed and transported to our liquid food waste processing facility. Here, our state-of-the art system removes the greases and fats, forming a biosolid, whilst the liquid is transformed into a reusable product.

When partnering with Clarence Valley Septics, you have access to:

  • Over 70 years experience
  • Database scheduling
  • Specialised fleet of collection vehicles
  • Authority reporting
  • Fully trained and experienced staff
  • An environmentally friendly transport and processing solution
  • A quality assured and EPA licensed system.

Grease Trap Processing

The proliferation of restaurants and fast-food establishments over the past 40 years has created a situation where large quantities of cooking fat, oil, and grease are being created and then discharged into the public sewer system. These materials were in turn blocking up the sewer pipelines and creating problems within the sewage treatment process.

As a solution, commercial size grease traps were installed on the site of the generating premises to trap these wastes before they enter into the sewage system. Council regulations were then introduced to ensure that the traps were serviced and pumped out on a regular basis.

This is where grease trap collection, removal, and grease trap waste disposal are of great use and value.

Additionally, regulations stipulate that these wastes must be separately treated before they re-enter the waste stream.

For this process, the treatment of these wastes commences with filtration and screening before pH adjustment, and a sludge/water separation via a dissolved air floatation also takes place. Then, the solids/sludge (grease oil and fat) from this process are dewatered and they form into a semi-solid cake before being correctly disposed of, while the water component is aerated until the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is reduced to a council sewer acceptable level. This whole disposal process is closely monitored by council and the E.P.A.

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